Drawings Colored In

This group of colored in drawings are from the

Color While You Wait Collection

With the addition of



The name Myndlspyll is a word play of 'Mind Spill'.

The colored version, titled

Myndlspyll Pour

 is approximately 14" x 11",

was done with permanent markers

and took three months to complete.


The marker strokes of color give the piece a delightfully textured look 

(These two orchid designs colored by Joni Dobson)

Linear Circumspection

Kinectric Dance

The same technique was used on both of these designs.

Lines were drawn within each color-in area to the shape of that area, then lines of a different color were drawn bewteen the original lines, creating a textured appearance.

These are approximately ten inches across

Sudden Inpulse

Linear Interlock

Infinite Squaredom

Linear Interlock was colored in on the a computer with the standard Microsoft Paint Program