In This Subdued New Society We are Experiencing

Necessity Causes Us to Wear Masks to Save Lives.

From this Simple Gesture a New Kind of Fashion Statement has Grown,

for Mankind is Ever Creative.

I am Using My Art to Decorate and Enliven Masks with

Imaginative Designs, Bright Colors and Creative Appeal~

They are Meant to be Fun to Wear !

Wear a Mask,

Have a Care for Those Around You,

Help Stop the Spread of This Terrible Disease,


Don't Let Your Spirit Fall!

For more information I can be reached at

Have a Mask/Care/Aid Ball!

1 - Pax Cube Viscom

2 - Making Grades

3 - Myndlspyll Pour

4 - Creative Edge

5 - Infinite Squaredom

6 - Topographic Reflections

7 - Fish Wish

8 - Gray Matter

9 - Garden Delight

10 - Candy Knortz